Product description

Our Professional Solar Phone Charger makes phone charging easy anywhere there is sun. It includes seven adapters and a two-meter USB cable for convenient charging. Its portable design makes it possible for the charger to be carried in a pocket, and its high-quality and affordable price create an exceptional value.

Where the product/service is being used

SVTP has sold 13,000 solar chargers in West Africa since 2013, and is expanding now in East Africa.  We are accepting orders now from qualified distributors worldwide.

The Problems it attempts to solve or address

Mobile phones have become ubiquitous in developing countries over the last decade, but lack of access to electricity holds back their potential in many areas. Many national capital cities experience frequent blackouts, while large rural areas remain entirely unelectrified.

With this affordable solar charger, people living off-grid or those whose work takes them away from a source of electricity no longer have to pay for phone charging service or make a special trip to charge their phones.

Design Approach

After observing people’s disappointment with many low-quality products, we identified certain electrical engineering optimizations that would allow us to deliver more energy to users at a lower cost. Our solar charger was designed to most efficiently allocate our customers’ money to power generation, and we achieved a 3x improvement in power per cost compared to the closest competitors. We also designed the physical industrial design to protect the solar cells while keeping the product portable.

Technology Used


The solar charger’s 2.2W solar panel is connected to our custom circuit to provide 5.2V, 400mA output. The specific design of the solar cells and the electrical system connecting them to the phone provides increased efficiency that delivers more power at lower cost.


Our charger is optimized to survive for years in a rugged environment. Its fold-up design increases portability, allowing the user to carry it conveniently in a pocket so it is available throughout the day. The pop-up stand angles it to face the sun directly for maximum sunlight exposure. Lastly, the two meter cable allows users to place the charger in the sun while they and their phone remain in the shade…

Business Model

SVTP starts with 100% in-house research and design. We source components from suppliers who compete to offer the best price and quality, and we oversee the assembly in-house to protect our patented intellectual property and maintain strict outgoing quality control standards. We partner with national importers and distributors who are experts at moving products through their countries and dealing with the local regulatory environment, and we support them with on-the-ground marketing, advertising, and promotion.

Our products are sold to consumers at an affordable price in order to bring 21st-century technology to every corner of the world. Our distributors and retailers earn enough profit to grow their operations, while SVTP is able to pay for R&D to create the next great products. We achieve this “triple-win” for our customers, our distributors, and ourselves by applying our manufacturing and engineering expertise to products that our consumer research identified as solving real and pressing needs for our customers.


Our solar chargers have provided energy to thousands in West Africa and are now becoming available in East Africa. Our presence on the ground allows us to stand behind our products to ensure customer satisfaction.

Phones allow families to keep in touch with distant loved ones, enable farmers to sell their crops at fair prices, enable business partners to meet in person to make transactions rather than missing each other, support health care and education dissemination, and promote good governance through information collection and sharing. Phones are critical for 21st century development.

Lessons Learned

Our staff in Africa work with our distributors to collect quick feedback to reevaluate our distribution strategy. Together with our end customers, the distributors share insights with us into what products and features will be most desirable to consumers. This feedback informs our overall product strategy so we can solve the most pressing needs of developing-world consumers today.

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