“The World’s Only Solar Light Bulb,” designed by Nokero, is for the 1.3 billion people worldwide without access to electricity. The familiar light bulb shape incorporates a solar panel, LEDs, and an automatic on/off feature into a patented and efficient design.

Nokero lights have been distributed in 127 countries around the world, with primary distribution being Africa and Southeast Asia.

Solar lights address the problem of energy poverty by providing a safe, efficient, and affordable alternative to fuels such as kerosene. Nokero’s compact and portable lights are also ideal for studying, reading, cooking, small business lighting, medical clinic lighting, and light during emergencies.

Nokero’s solar technology integrates powerful PV cells, high-efficacy LEDs, and rechargeable batteries within a durable, weatherproof, ABS plastic house.
Solar lights are distributed by our partners at NGOs, government agencies, and private businesses. With just 3 offices (Denver, Nairobi, and Hong Kong), we rely heavily on partnerships and collaboration to make sure that our products reach the rural areas which are most in need of light. To encourage partnership distribution, we offer bulk order discounts and custom branding incentives.

To date, we have sold over 1 million lights across the world and designed 8 models of lights that continually incorporate new improvements based on global feedback. Billions of people still live without light worldwide, but our four quick years of business have allowed thousands of schools, medical clinics, businesses, and homes to operate successfully after dark.

A challenge that Nokero faces is being able to address the needs of our global community with just a small staff. We strive to continually offer the best products and customer service possible, but often face cultural obstacles as we conduct business with a wide range of countries but currently only have representatives from the United States, China, Uganda, Kenya, Spain, England, France, Australia, the Philippines, Cambodia, and Hong Kong.

Contact details

Katie Steinharter; press@nokero.com; www.nokero.com; (303) 991-9871)