Product description

Nazava Water Filters provides the best and most affordable household water purifiers to those 150 M Indonesians that cannot afford to buy safe drinking water. Nazava enables households to purify their well, tap or rain water without the need to boil or use electricity. The filtered water is 3x cheaper than boiling and 9x cheaper than buying water, and has an excellent, fresh taste. Nazava Water Filters can be obtained in Indonesia, but are also exported to other countries in Asia and Africa.

Where the product/service is being used

Nazava Water Filters is based in Indonesia and available all over the country. Nazava Water Filters can also be obtained in Burkina Faso.

The Problems it attempts to solve or address

In Indonesia, most water that people use in their households is contaminated with harmful bacteria. As a result, over 27.000 children die each year due to waterborne diseases such as diarrhea and over 8 million children are stunted. In order to get safe drinking water people either boil their water or buy bottled water. Boiling water using wood is extremely time-consuming, causes respiratory diseases and increases CO2 emissions. Boiling water on gas is expensive and if water is not stored in a safe way it increases chances of re-contamination. The water sold in water-kiosks have no guarantee that the water is safe. The average annual costs of buying water are 132 USD, which is too expensive for those 150 million people that earn less than 7 USD per day.

Design Approach

We have experimented with sales of different containers and different designs and came up with the current model, which turned out to be most popular among our target group. The Bening 1 is offered in three different colors. Besides, we also offer similar products with different volumes, eg 2x 6 liter for smaller households and 2×27.5 liter for schools.

Technology Used

The Bening 1 table-top filter consists of two containers of 13.5 liters. The upper container is filled with the dirty water and the lower container collects the filtered drinking water. A ceramic filter with the size of a soda-can is installed in the upper container. The ceramic filters have an effective bacterial removal of 99.99%. The filters are impregnated with silver and filled with activated carbon, which improves the taste and reduces chemicals. The ceramic filter candle can filter up to 7000 liters, which equals consumption for up to 2 years. The containers are easy stackable, reducing volume during shipping. The Bening 1 costs 25 USD and the replacement filter costs 10 USD.

Business Model

Nazava Water Filters are primarily sold through a network of local resellers (60% of sales). Secondary sales channels are NGOs (30% of sales) and direct sales are sold through our shop and website (10% of sales).

Nazava provides each reseller with a business in a box consisting of trainings and a set of tools and sales methods in order to be able to sell a as much filters as possible.

The standard promo-package for a starting reseller contains filters, banners, brochures and test results.

Successful resellers are eligible for a KIVA loan of 2000 USD or more.


Impact to date:  

  1. Improved health of 150,000 people
  2. Increased disposable income of $ 1.5 M
  3. Reduced CO2 emissions of 4,500 TONS carbon dioxide equivalent
  4. Employment for 60 people


Impact by 2018:  

  1. Improved health of 1.8 M people
  2. Increased disposable income of $ 14 M
  3. Reduced CO2 emissions of 46,000 TONS carbon dioxide equivalent
  4. Employment for 350 people

 Lessons Learned

In order to reach our target market we first thought that our product had to be as affordable as possible. As a result the product did not look very attractive. Based on feedback and increased demand for our transparent water filters we decided to focus sales on our more expensive product, which looked more attractive.

Transparency of the product is very important to show that the filtered water is completely clear and clean after filtration.

Compact packaging for transportation is important to reduce shipping costs.

For the distribution it is important to leave an attractive margin for the resellers.

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