Product description

Inspire is a new portable diagnostic aid that enables healthcare workers of all levels to perform an accurate respiratory and vitals examination in one minute for local and remote diagnosis. Our proprietary sensor array analyses all vital body measurements isolating one vital variable against wellness protocols to signify illness indicators. Users can now use protocols not available without a health professional present, reducing personnel and operational costs.


Where the product/service is being used

The product has been developed for use in developing and developed countries. It is currently being prepared for field trials in developing countries.


The problems it attempts to solve or address

There is a lack of accurate, portable diagnostic aids for use outside a clinic. Global NGO’s are seeking a replacement to current highly inaccurate diagnostic aids for pneumonia (Counting beads, ARI Timer, Pulse Oximeters) to ease the burden on 151 million that are infected each year. Misdiagnosis is causing a growing resistance to antibiotics and 3 million deaths. INSPIRE offers Health workers a portable respiratory device that automates breath count and vitals, enhancing correct diagnose and treatment. In developed countries INSPIRE offers faster patient flow through in offices and more options for home monitoring of patients. Based on millions of data points, INSPIRE is positioned to replace single use medical devices for the INSPIRE multisensory device.


Design Approach

To meet the rigorous challenges for global use, the INSPIRE team needed to find a creative solution.

Long use batteries with extended recharging capabilities, reusable contacts that can be sanitized in the field and a user interface that crosses all cultural boundaries were the easy parts. Developing a leading edge sensor array that increases accuracy beyond current erroneous standards was a greater challenge. Patented and patent pending technology and services bring diagnostics to new excellence.


Technology Used

Inspire uses a multisensory array and proprietary algorithms to determine accurate breath rate and vitals, enhancing sensory measurements by a factor of seven. Data Collection is available under a patented transfer system available for all healthcare protocols.


Sensor Array:

  • Temperature
  • Anxiety
  • Position
  • Heart Rate
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Inspire Algorithm
  • Hand Charging Unit


Business Model

We offer the product to NGO’s who will deliver the product to Healthcare workers in developing countries and support them. We have a partnership arrangement with an NGO representing over 10,000 health professionals that spearheads introductions to health ministries globally. Further the NGO market has 45,000 sales agents that influence Dr, and other health workers in Developed countries. We have established a distribution relationship with this NGO to promote sales.

The pricing model is purchase of the Inspire band, estimated at roughly $50 for the field unit at high volume and $100 for the clinical unit plus subscription services for the SAAS, pricing TBD.



Immediate impact is measured by adoption rate and usability in the field, treatment efficiencies, ability to treat more patients with long term impact in lives saved and more efficient use of medicines.

Ultimately, Providing health workers at all levels the ability to provide better patient care and prevent unnecessary deaths has an enormous impact on global health. Living is satisfying a global need for remote diagnostic devices for NGO’s, reducing misdiagnosis of pneumonia and perhaps even other illnesses. We are preparing for field trials done by the NGO’s over the summer 2014.

INSPIRE’s team has determined there is a significant variance in the ‘gold standard’ devices for respiratory devices and provides an INSPIRE clinical kit to understand and analyse vital measurements using a single sensor and the INSPIRE sensor array.

This analysis will provide a clear and definitive direction for NGO’s to establish new protocols for diagnostics and vital measurements for greater patient and disease control management; an immediate and critical need.


Lessons Learned

Question everything and test every assumption. Everything we thought we knew about the respiratory rate ‘gold standard’ wasn’t true. The current WHO IMCI and ICCM protocol standard for diagnosing pneumonia is breath count, INSPIRE goes a step further, assembling 7 data points to get an accurate breath count. By focusing on multisensory to calculate breath rate, the result are significantly more accurate.


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