Product description

The D20 includes hanging lamps and a portable lantern (enough to illuminate three rooms at once), as well as separate wall switches.

Where the product/service is being used

Globally – d.light products are sold in 62 countries.

The Problems it attempts to solve or address

Globally, more than 2 billion people lack access to reliable electricity. d.light’s patented D Series create an accessible, grid-like experience for homes and businesses with unreliable energy access.

Business Model

The D20 is a larger system than most portable solar solutions on the market in the developing world. The entire D Series was designed to work with a range of payment systems and financing partners—including microfinance institutions and pay-as-you-go technologies—to ensure affordability and accessibility.


  • As of Apr 30, 2014, d.light has achieved the following impact for all solar lanterns and power products, including the D20, sold to date:
  • 33,148,235 lives empowered
  • 8,287,059 school-aged children reached with solar lighting
  • $1,084,580,342 saved in energy-related expenses
  • 11,664,369,592 productive hours created for working and studying
  • 2,546,989 tons of CO2 offset
  • 45,974,561 kWh generated from renewable energy source

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